Children's Ministry

Orange focuses on Jesus. The program encourages a relationship with Christ at an early age. Children are our next generation of Christian believers. Christian discipleship is not something that is taught only on Sunday mornings. Jesus should be part of our daily lives…. so it involves families as well

Here are some of the reasons that volunteers are getting excited about Children's Ministry at PCI:

  1. Our eyes are fixed on Jesus.
  2. The program is fresh and new.
  3. Orange utilizes the Bible, technology, and media.
  4. Large Group (Children's Worship) is fun and engaging. The kids (and adults) are learning, laughing and moving.
  5. Orange units are set up in monthly cycles; this allows for volunteers to attend church and volunteer for different positions each time they volunteer for a four week rotation.
  6. It is about establishing relationships with each other and Jesus.
  7. There is a Holy Spirit enthusiasm; that what we are doing (all of the above) serves to not only to heap on the love of Jesus, but ultimately, grow PCI, as young people come to believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior.

What you should expect:

  1. So you drop off your child at "Our Place" for Children's Worship right before you head for the sanctuary. Later that night, maybe before bedtime, you ask your child to tell you about "Sunday School" and they aren't exactly sure what you are talking about….. but if you ask them about going to "Our Place" they will get excited.
  2. Through a worship leader, (who are often young people in the church) the children are introduced to worship. When your child first arrives there are some activities for them to do while waiting for everyone to come. When Children's Worship starts, there is modeled prayer, and an "ice breaker" type of game or activity that corresponds with the lesson. The leader discusses the key point of the lesson, practices a monthly Bible verse with the children and then leads into lots of video worship music with dance and movement. After dancing, singing, and moving, the leader describes a detailed "Backstory" to the lesson. If the Bible verses are not too long there is a reading of the Bible that the lesson is based on.
    • The core of the lesson consists of an intro video that is a life application of the key point. Sometimes the actual Bible story is a video segment and other times, it is a person from our congregation who loves stories, acting and kids. After the story, the Children's Worship leader reviews the key point of the lesson.
  3. Finally, the 35 - 40 worship/lesson ends with a conclusion video segment that wraps up the lesson, to show the kids how to apply the key point in their own lives (at home, in school, at soccer, etc.) Children's Worship closes in prayer. Kids are then led by their small group leaders and assistants, to their small group classrooms. There, the lesson will be reinforced with a discussion, a game or activity. The primary purpose of small groups is for adults to create a relationship with the kids. Jesus is all about relationships – with Him, and with others.

You are always welcome to join us for Children's Worship. If you have questions please contact: Laurie DiScalfani at

Adult Ministries

Adult Bible Study
Meets at 9 am on Sunday mornings in the ASYLI room in the Chapel. Feel free to bring your breakfast. The coffee pot is on and often there are home baked treats. We explore both topical subjects and specific books of scripture. The group is low key and enjoyable. Bring a hunger to explore the depths of God's eternal Word and your own Bible!
Contact: Pastor Colby at

Prayer and Pizza
Approximately one Tuesday night a month, people come together for a meal of salad, pizza and dessert and prayer. The group is very informal. Dinner is served at 6 pm and a love basket is passed to cover the cost of the pizza. People are asked to bring something to contribute to the meal: salad, drinks, cups/plates/cutlery. Please come even if you don't have anything…. really. After dinner, we gather in the ASYLI room in the chapel to sing, praise God and pray. It is a time of asking God's Holy Spirit to rest on us as we escape the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. It is a chance to bring before God, both our individual and corporate concerns to God. We promise that you will leave feeling well fed and filled with God's Spirit. We hope you will join us. Keep an eye on our webpage for specific dates as they come!
Contact: Pastor Colby at

Mah Jongg for Mission
In its second year, Mah Jongg for Mission meets on the second and fourth Thursday each month 7-8:30. The group plays Mah Jongg and teaches "newbies" how to play the game. Participants are asked to either bring a bag of non-perishable groceries or contribute to a love basket. All donations go to the Colleen Moore Memorial Food Pantry.
Contact: Dori Moore at

Women's Book Group
New and starting in October. Our first book, Discerning the Voice of God; How to Recognize When God is Speaking by Priscilla Shirer The book group starts the 2nd Sunday of October (10/14) and (11/11) after Worship. 11:45 – 12:30 pm. (only 2 Sundays) The group will meet in the Parish House Lounge.
Contact: Dori Moore at

AYLI – The As You Like It (Women's Group)
The group meets the first Monday night of each month at 7pm. AYLI was the very first ladies group in the Presbyterian Church of Islip. In 1852, two ladies, Mrs. Almira Doxsee and Miss Charlotte Doxsee formed the Ladies Sewing Society. They raised $400 to build what is our sanctuary today. The chapel building was the original church. Today, the AYLI ladies have raised money through fund raising events to help support the church. Women of all ages are invited to join. Even the men of the now dissolved, CIA (Christians in Action) have been know to join in for prayer, devotion, business and of course, dessert.
Contact: JoAnn Connelly at

Colleen Moore Memorial Food Pantry
The Food Pantry is open on Saturday, from 10 am – 12 pm and is located on the main floor of the Parish House. Non-perishable groceries and volunteers are always needed. The Food Pantry feeds many families in need in our community. Donations can be dropped of either in the carts in the front room of the sanctuary of the church or on Saturday morning between 10 am -12 pm. There are certain food items that are always needed and consumed such as shelf stable milk, jelly, tuna, and other hard-to-come-by things like mayonnaise, coffee, dog / cat food, baby formula / food, etc. But also, please consider donating non-edible necessities and consumables such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, cream rinse, toothbrushes / paste; toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, etc. If you ever see a sale or are in the dollar store, we will happily hand out any of the above!
If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information please contact: Sonja Spitz at

Wednesday Senior's Luncheon
Every Wednesday (September to June) at 12 pm in the Chapel on campus, our senior's ministry meets for fellowship and lunch. All are welcome! Bring your own lunch and enjoy free dessert that is provided by volunteer sign-up!
Contact: Pastor Colby at

Thrift Shop
Every Wednesday from 10am - 12pm our Thrift Store is open in the Parish House on campus, we sell low cost, gently used clothing for men, women and children of all ages and sizes. We also carry shoes and a few clothing accessories. All clothing is donated to the store and sale proceeds are given in support the ministry of the church. We are gratefully accepting donations of clean clothing during the hours the store is open. The store is staffed solely by volunteers. Please come visit the store: we extend a warm welcome to all!
If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact: Alison Missig at